Trial Marriage

Squee! Trial Marriage is now available from Loose Id Australian financier, Zack Painter, has a proven formula for avoiding commitment. When cornered, he simply demands whatever his partner-of-the-moment least wants to give. He’s currently dating successful CEO Brie Logan, who doesn’t seem to know how to let go. When she proposes, he suggests a thirty-day … [Read more…]

What’s next?

I’ve just completed line edits on my upcoming release, Trial Marriage. Proofreading is all that remains to do, aside from quietly “squeeing” over my cover when it arrives in my inbox. I hope you’ll enjoy Zack and Brie’s story. They’re an Aussie couple with issues to work through before they can hope to make it … [Read more…]

Merry Christmas one and all

Christmas Day is over here for another year, although it’s currently underway in other parts of the world. We had a wonderful day—crazy hot, but wonderful. I cooked my first-ever roast turkey without the slightest mishap (which was quite surprising given all the disasters I’ve seen in movies over the years.) Our theme this year … [Read more…]

10% More or Less

Dieting doesn’t work. There, I said it. I’ve tried almost everything over the years, and despite some brief shining moments of success, I often end up gaining weight. It’s a depressing cycle of deprivation and obsession which leads to failure every time. Constantly checking labels, counting calories, and watching both the clock and the scales, … [Read more…]