Squee! Trial Marriage is now available from Loose Id

Australian financier, Zack Painter, has a proven formula for avoiding commitment. When cornered, he simply demands whatever his partner-of-the-moment least wants to give.

He’s currently dating successful CEO Brie Logan, who doesn’t seem to know how to let go. When she proposes, he suggests a thirty-day trial marriage, in which he’ll phone through a fantasy of his choosing each day, and assume ownership of her body for an hour while she fulfills it. He couldn’t be more stunned when she agrees to those terms. His first instinct is to push too hard and end their deal prematurely, but he’s soon looking for a way to make it permanent.

I had such fun with Zack and Brie. I love the idea of one person in a relationship being determined to stick to their guns and resist change, while the other is equally determined to make sweeping changes. I wanted Brie to be so sure of a future with Zack that she’d crawl waaay out on a limb to make it happen. It was important to me that they both find themselves in unfamiliar territory, facing challenges they never expected. I hope you will enjoy their journey as they learn and grow and love.



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