This year isn’t playing nice. I seem to be playing catch up on a constant basis, and achieving few of the things I’ve set out to do. Ever the optimist, I still hope to turn it around.

One of the changes life has thrown at me is the need for a new day job. I’ve decided to go with something different, with a new set of challenges, and more new faces than I can put names to. It’s not set in stone as yet, but hopefully another day or two should see that change. I’ll spend most of my time on the road delivering a quality product to an appreciative clientele who’ll largely remain the same, week in/week out. It’s something I’ve done before—a long time ago—and I remember enjoying both the pace and the freedom of such a position. And now there’s an added bonus, because there’ll be times when I’ll have a chance to “chase” plot bunnies.

I absolutely adore knowing exactly what I’ll write when I can get my hands close enough to a keyboard to actually do it. It hastens my oh-so-slow process, and that’s always a good thing. Another trick for getting words down is to write longhand, and I had a chance to do that (on the run) for a few consecutive hours this past week. It will be an ongoing luxury as my high-school-age son needs a lift to and from university once a week, and I’ve juggled other commitments to free up that time for myself.

I hope 2017’s challenges are achievable for you.

Happy juggling,


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