I’ve just completed line edits on my upcoming release, Trial Marriage. Proofreading is all that remains to do, aside from quietly “squeeing” over my cover when it arrives in my inbox. I hope you’ll enjoy Zack and Brie’s story. They’re an Aussie couple with issues to work through before they can hope to make it down the aisle. Zack doesn’t ever plan to commit, so he has a strategy in place to deal with unwanted propositions. He simply demands whatever his partner-of-the-moment least wants to give. When Brie proposes, he suggests a monthlong trial in which he’ll call her with a fantasy each day, and assume control of her body for an hour while she fulfils it. The moment she says no to a fantasy scenario their deal will be off, but if she exceeds his expectations all month, he’ll marry her.

Brie’s stunned by his offer, but she’s not prepared to give him up without a fight. In six years he’s the closest thing to an acceptable husband that she’s come across. Playing his fantasy-a-day game can’t possibly be any more difficult than finding a replacement groom-to-be. Besides, it’s kind of hot when he starts issuing orders. She’s pretty sure he won’t allow her to make it through the entire month, but she wants as long as she can get. She’s learning to trust Zack, and that’s worth anything he might ask in return. The interesting thing about them is that while she’s prepared to take a leap of faith and try to satisfy his desires, whatever they may be, he instinctively modifies his daily fantasies to suit her. Both want the full month they’ve agreed on, and pretty soon they’re looking for a way to make their deal permanent. Secret-sharing will spoil everything for damn sure, but they begin to wonder if they can forge a future without acknowledging their pasts. It seems like the perfect stick-your-head-in-the-sand plan until they’re forced to concede that their paths have crossed before—under dire circumstances. With all of their secrets exposed, it would be far easier to simply walk away. They’ve discovered there’s something they want more than smooth sailing—each other!

Trial Marriage is due to release in the first week of April.


PS. I’m working on a new story, a futuristic first-person saga that I’m really excited about.

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