So…it’s January 9th and I haven’t held to a single resolution. *groans dramatically.

With an eye to future success, I’ve decided it’s not a big deal. It’s actually fine. I refuse to give up altogether, and I’m not convinced there’s a need to reassess my resolutions. They’re not the problem; I am. Or more specifically, my current schedule is.

It’s holiday time here in every way imaginable. My family have all been home, albeit in and out every five minutes… often with friends. Noise levels are up, there’s always food to prepare and housework to be done. Mum’s taxi is booked solid, and my eldest son has just flown interstate to attend a university-run summer school. In the end, in preparation for the trip, I just bought one of every (vaguely reasonable) thing he pointed at. It wasn’t my intention to do that, lol, but I reached my limit of shopping/teenage negotiation.

For now—as the picture suggests—I’ll do what I can with the space, time, and assistance I’ve got, and be glad I’ve made any forward progress at all. I’m not terrible at adapting, but I do better with a routine I can more or less count on. In a busy household there are adjustments to be made almost every day of the year, but most of them can be folded “into the mix” without too much thought. Cutting myself a break and tackling my New Year’s resolutions at a later date—when things are back to “normal”—makes an awful lot of sense.

Here’s hoping your year is panning out the way you want it to. (Or that you have a plan to get it on track!)



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