I finally think I’ve got the hang of New Year’s Resolutions. I’m one of those people who start every year with crazy-good intentions, fail miserably within the first few weeks, and then decide it’s all too hard and give up. Well, not this year!

I’m not vowing to subsist on lettuce leaves alone, run five kilometres everyday, and crank out thousands upon thousands of words each day. It’s pointless—and here’s the key thing—it’s utterly pointless vowing to do anything you don’t want to do. This year, I want to make some changes that will gradually have the effect I’m going for. I had some success with My 10% Plan towards the end of last year, and I’ve tweaked a few things to make it more workable going forward. This year I plan to work harder (or smarter), hold myself more accountable to my short term goals, and reward myself more when I get things right.

I recently lurked on a fantastic goal setting class by Lynn Lorenz. I have my year mapped out, and shorter goals that fit within each quarter, but I know from past experience that big time frames are my natural enemy. I can’t be trusted to “show up” after three or six months with a positive result unless I’ve scrupulously charted my progress along the way.

So, in the interest of accountability, I’m writing my “daily” plan down. I’ll report progress here on the first of each month.

1. Set achievable daily word count—and stick to it! You’ll be on the road a lot this year, so carry pens and a notebook. Write, write, write, and submit! And look for online classes to participate in.

2. Post something on social media every day.

3. Exercise every single day—even if it’s just for five minutes.

4. Spend less time thinking about food. eg. grocery shop less often, cook simpler meals, make double batches of things like pasta sauce and freeze for later use, and eat more salads while the weather suits.

5. Aim to step onto the scales every day, and chart weight loss.

6. Try to stick to one, maybe two cups of coffee a day. Add a dash of non-alcoholic Irish Cream syrup, and enjoy!

7. Take the two new vitamins you’ve chosen, and have a banana, a yoghurt, or a Berocca if you can’t stop for lunch.

8. Buy your favourite chocolate and don’t feel any guilt over having a small serving. Make sure it’s rich and sickly sweet and therefore satisfying in small doses. Same goes for wine—make sure it’s Moscato so you’ll enjoy every drop. Have one glass only… as needed.

9. Use moisturiser every day. And hand cream too. And for goodness sake, use that amazing perfume instead of just admiring the bottle!

10. Deep condition your hair once a week. Also weekly, use the cucumber and mint foot cream and wear the silly little white “socks” that keep it on your feet rather than the floor.

11. Read more, and review the books you love!

12. And finally, plan treats for a job well done. If you’re on schedule, don’t forget to celebrate! Take time for brunch with friends, buy a new handbag, go to a gold class Flicks With The Chicks movie, or enjoy a lazy evening binge watching a series you love on Netflix. There has to be something good waiting at the end, or else what are you working so hard for?

Wishing you all the best of luck in meeting your 2017 goals or fulfilling your New Year’s Resolutions.



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