I never really outgrew my love of board games, and I’ve always been fascinated by Rorschach (inkblot) tests. I *secretly worry what my answers will reveal… you know, in case they highlight something I’d rather keep to myself. Just what that might be, I have no idea, but if it exists, I want to be the one to discover (and deal with) it.

The other day we found ourselves without power for about twelve hours due to severe weather conditions. Eventually we drained the batteries on our electronic devices and had to look for something else to do. We ended up playing a rapid-fire word association game that proved quite hilarious. With no repeats allowed, and the clock constantly ticking, you have to come up with something to link to the previous word—and then justify your choice if someone questions it.


We play with pretty loose rules, so it’s interesting to see what a particular word will conjure in the next person’s mind. For instance, we were firmly in horse territory with stables, racing, and bridle… and then the next word was shower. Bridle shower? Oh, bridal shower. That makes so much more sense, but pity the next person in line who probably had something like Clydesdale up their sleeve. Now there’s an image for you… someone with a Clydesdale up their sleeve. My mind happily follows that thought to its logical conclusion of a world populated by giants, one of whom keeps a Clydesdale as a pet (much as we’d keep a Chihuahua.) Clearly inspiration is all around us, and we don’t need access to a search engine to find it.

Wishing you power when you need it, and harmless entertainment if your electricity does happen to go out.



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