I have two sons, and on occasion, usually much to their horror, we have to go shopping together. The difference between them is nothing short of astounding. One wants to get in, grab whatever’s absolutely necessary, and then head for the food court—where he’d be happy to stay until the end the time. (Eating stuff that doesn’t technically qualify as food.)

My other son feels a little similar if clothes are involved, but if he’s in search of a present, there’s no limit to how many shops he’ll go to. And then, once the present is bought, the hunt begins for the perfect packaging, card, etc. We did that today, and also shopped for art supplies (needed for a school assignment.) They too are serious business, apparently, as we had to keep looking until we found the ideal items. Compromise simply isn’t an option. I can’t imagine where that sentiment comes from. *whistles and looks innocent

We always stop for a snack of some sort, and my eldest son is much more likely to choose a place I’m happy to eat at. He likes his food served on a plate, with proper cutlery, and made of identifiable ingredients like milk and ice cream in a milkshake.


At the end of the day, we’ve usually been successful in getting what we went for, but it’s kind of exhausting too.



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