You know those things you mean to do but never quite get around to? Sometimes the world conspires to make you act, and it’s usually a good thing. My sister lives about three hours away from me, and it’s difficult to catch up as often as we’d like. A health scare made the distance between us evaporate in an instant. Well, to be honest, I still had to make the journey, but the decision to go was a no-brainer.

What was interesting was that the trip should have been a nightmare. Melbourne (yes, all of it) was gridlocked yesterday morning. A very intense emergency situation blocked a major arterial into and out of the city, causing havoc the likes of which I’d never seen on such a scale. Although I’d left plenty of time for a calm journey, I found myself watching the clock in my car with a sense of utter dread. My spare hour and a half got eaten up in traffic jams, and I “just” made it before my sister’s surgery was scheduled to start. Thankfully time was a fluid concept everywhere, and we sat in the waiting room together—with her grown up children—for another three hours!


My point? The day should have been a right off. Between traffic jams, unscheduled detours, stressing out, racing the clock, and waiting forever, the day had little to recommend it. And yet… I’m glad I went. I stayed over, and spent today laughing with my sister and niece before trekking back home to Melbourne. I think sometimes it’s the things that don’t go to plan that remind you to be grateful for those that do. So, shake it up, do something you’ve been putting off, and enjoy your life today!


PS. The answer to my Q&A on The Romance Reviews, Sizzling Summer Reads Party is here

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