With a new kitten in the house, we’ve all taken second place in the scheme of things. Dinner these past few nights has been quick and simple for us, but I’ve also discovered a fabulous youtube food channel with a bunch of things to make later. The videos are available on the website: How To Cook That (Ann Reardon is clearly one very talented woman!)

The milkshakes in particular look fascinating, and as I have a son who is a connoisseur, I think we may have to experiment at some stage. After this current round of exams are over there are school holidays, so maybe then!

hello-kitty-600x300 freakshakes-2-533x200

In the interest of balance, I thought I’d include something healthy as well. My favorite “time saver” dinner is warm chicken salad. There are no quantities, simply size it to suit the number of people you’re serving, in my case four. Boil a couple of eggs, dice and cook a couple of chicken fillets (lightly brown with some honey and seeded mustard, or lime juice and garlic butter, or your choice of seasoning and herbs.) Layer a large, low serving dish with a mix of lettuce, rocket and spinach leaves, carrot sticks, whole cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, sliced cucumber, and whatever else you like in your salad (eg. bacon, Spanish onion, avocado, capsicum, cashews, cubes of cheese.) The idea is to see a bit of everything. Ideally the centre is greens only, and that’s where you pile the chicken. Top with some shaved parmesan, and you’ve got dinner.

warm chicken salad

Happy eating, and reading,


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