May is full of birthdays in my house—mine, my hubby, and my youngest son—and a few close friends as well. And jammed in there somewhere, just to add to the fun, is Mother’s Day. This year we’re also gearing up for the school production: Legally Blonde the Musical. It’s been a busy few weeks of cake and presents and rehearsals, with a bunch of school excursions, and doctor’s appointments (for my hubby) thrown in.


Last night my son had rehearsal until 10pm, so I bought a kazillion cream cakes and a stunning chocolate mud/mars bar cake and gatecrashed their dinner break. (With permission!) As you can imagine, the singing was both thunderous and wonderfully in tune, and I had a very surprised and happy 15 year old.

DS2 (the birthday boy) is in the production, and DS1 has been working behind the scenes, designing logos and posters, arranging for advertising, and gathering bios etc for the programs. He’ll also be handling ‘front of house’. Tonight, by request, I bought a suit for him to wear. And…Wow! My sixteen year old, 6 ft 4 in tall son looks gorgeous, and all grown up. He’s absolutely allergic to photos, like his mother, so I can post a pic.

Hope your month of May is as fabulous as mine has been,



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